“All I can say is WOW! Anna is absolutely amazing and such a beautiful person inside and out. Totally felt at ease with Anna. She explains all the procedures to you including her history so you can make an informed decision. Really enjoyed my whole experience. Would not use anyone else. Thank you Anna see you next time.” Krystina Crawford

A fully certified Registered Nurse, Anna Parsloe-Smith trained in the prestigious Harley St Clinic in London before immigrating with her family to Brisbane, Australia.

On her arrival, she noticed that local practitioners were using outdated procedures, equipment and that the training and skills of some practitioners left a lot to be desired.

It was then that Supreme Skin Solutions was born. Our aim is to ensure all clients receive natural-looking cosmetic enhancements that help them to achieve their aesthetic goals.


With clinics in West End, Brisbane and Bundaberg, Supreme Skin Solutions is gaining an envious reputation for quality cosmetic work at reasonable prices.

Meet Anna Parsloe Smith...

Caring for and maintaining your natural beauty

Anna Parsloe Smith Registered Nurse

RGN 1st Class BSC (Hons)
AHPRA No. 0004735755

Anna has many years experience in the healthcare industry. After becoming interested in anti-ageing treatments, Anna decided to enhance her skills and abilities and embark on training to provide cosmetic injectibles and other aesthetic procedures. The training was undertake at a centre of excellence, in Harley Street, London.  Anna qualified and started up her own skin care business in her home town of Norwich.

Anna’s mother has lived in Queensland for over 20 years. This encouraged Anna and her family to make the move and immigrate to Australia. After selling her skin carebusiness and flying half way across the world to Brisbane, Anna founded Supreme Skin Solutions. Healthy skin is indeed Anna’s passion and she has gained specialist, advanced nursing qualifications
in recognising skin cancers. She offers free spot checks to all her clients.

In order to deliver and provide the best customer service possible Anna has five philosophies which form part of her overall business vision:

  1. To provide a dedicated, personal and professional service to patients at a time and venue which is suitable for them.
  2. To offer a range of treatments that is medically researched and proven to be safe and effective. Anna only uses genuine market leading products and not inferior substitutes.
  3. To provide a free initial consultation to enable patients to discuss the various options and results that they desire.
  4. To provide her clients with an excellent service and products at competitive prices, without compromising the quality of the service.
  5. To offer excellent aftercare once the patient’s treatment is complete. Anna is always available to answer questions and provide free reviews of her patients’ progress.

A few words from Anna…

When I started my training at a top medical clinic based in Harley Street in London, I had no idea what to expect. At the time I only told my best friend and my husband that I was going to undertake further qualifications in aesthetic medicine. When I booked my course I made sure that I was on the model list as I wanted to know exactly how it felt and to understand the process for my future clients. I was very nervous but also very excited!

I had chatted with a few of my girlfriends before about having anti-wrinkle injections and fillers but we always thought that it was reserved for the very rich and we were also sure we would know if someone had had it; how wrong we were …..

So my first contact with aesthetic medicine was in my training. Within hours of the lectures I knew I was going to work in the industry.  I absolutely loved watching and learning how to create certain looks and the thought of being able to achieve a natural enhanced image for someone was fascinating. This is what drew me into this business. I quickly realised that I wanted to help people feel great about themselves and increase their confidence by using amazing products that could enhance and subtly improve upon their natural looks.

Since my training I haven’t stopped learning about and researching new products and services which I can add to my business. They have to be authentic, affordable and of course above all they must work. I have also learnt over the years that skin plays an enormous part in our overall health and look. My skin was not cared for at all before I started injectables; foolishly I thought that they were the answer to everything but I soon discovered that understanding my skin and caring for it daily went hand in hand with having injectables. I decided after working alongside several skin cancer doctors and having developed a skin cancer myself, that I would undertake further training in carrying out skin checks and educating and informing clients about the importance of having regular skin checks.  This area of medicine is so important in this country especially in Queensland with melanomas on the rise. Fortunately however, if spotted early the treatment for skin cancers is very successful.  I am not entirely happy with my skin but it’s so much fitter that it once was and I always wear SPF 30 plus everyday now, not just on my face but my neck, décolletage and hands.

After years of speaking with men and women about their skin problems and concerns, one particular issue which regularly arose that I have also experienced myself is excess skin and loosening around the eye area.

In April 2016, I opted for a surgical blepharoplasty and ended up with injections, stitches and bruising which lasted for weeks. I also developed an infection in both eyes.  Fortunately I worked for a GP surgery and was able to get on top of it pretty quickly. However I have always wanted to find an alternative to surgery for this troublesome area. I’m still not happy with the skin under my eyes and I was so delighted to find my friend back In the UK had found the perfect answer – the JETT Plasma Lift. This machine is going to revolutionise the way people deal with this common problem. I am very proud to be the first practitioner to offer this treatment in Australia.  It is currently winning awards in Europe and is a very popular alternative to undergoing surgery. Not only is it less painful, there is also less downtime, minimal risk and it’s much more affordable.

I hope that I am able to help many more people achieve their desired look in the months and years to come and that all my clients receive a Supreme Skin Solution! 

I look forward to seeing you soon.