New to Australia…
the Jett Plasma Lift Machine promises immediate visible
skin tightening without going under the knife.

The latest in cosmetic medicine technology, the Jett Plasma Lift machine will visibly tighten your skin and stimulate collagen production without surgery.

It is particularly effective non-surgical option when Blepharoplasty  (droopy eyelids) may be being considered.

3 great reasons to have a Jett Plasma Lift Treatment:

  1. The Jett Plasma Lift treatment will instantly make your skin look younger and fresher (and because it builds collagen, it will keep improving).
  2. The Jett Plasma Lift treatment will remove the excess skin that makes your eyelids look saggy and old.
  3. The Jett Plasma Lift treatment can soften, smooth and lighten prominent scars.
Before and After photo of the Jett Plasma Blepharoplasty after 3 treatments approx 1 month apart.

More information on the Jett Plasma Lift Treatment is available on our FAQ’s page. Click here.

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Jett Plasma Lift Treatments

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